Passive solar house

Passive solar: high comfort, low fuel bills


David designed and built our office. Solar electricity supplies all its energy needs.

Sarah's House

Sarah designed, contracted, and co-owns this home, built at modest cost. It’s on an infill lot, walkable to town. It's remarkably energy efficient, comfortable, adaptable, and durable.


“We’ve found the house to be as efficient as we’d hoped. It’s simply a delightful and interesting space to inhabit, thanks to Sarah and David. Another surprise: with such a tight, well-insulated envelope, the house is amazingly quiet.”

Do you want to thrive and help the planet thrive? People can’t thrive at the Earth’s expense. We need a healthy planet. The good news: we can tackle environmental challenges andimprove our quality of life. Buildings can be comfortable, beautiful, cost-effective — and help the planet thrive. The key is to focus on genuine quality.

Comfort, beauty, and sustainability go together.“Green” buildings areHigh-Performance buildings. They just work well. They're alsothoughtful buildings.No wasted space means money and natural resources saved. An efficient enclosure means comfort, health, affordability, durability — andaddressing climate change. Careful siting means no flooded basements or eroded slopes — andnatural habitat preserved. You thrive, theenvironment thrives.

Environmental challenges can feel huge and daunting. It’s hard to believe solutions are right under our noses — but they are. They’re found in genuine quality, mindful living, and attention to surroundings. Thriving environment and thriving humanity. People and Planet.

“It’s time to celebrate! After a year in the house since renovation we know we’re Net Positive Energy. WooHoo! And our water usage is only 42% as much as before. We are so pleased to be in the house and have it perform so well. Thanks!


“We want to tell you that it is an extremely livable and comfortable home, and it heats (and cools) very efficiently. The heat pumps are incredible and at no time were we cold this winter. The solar array is also incredible and I have not paid a utility bill other than the monthly administrative charge required to be tied to the grid. It is also a good feeling that I probably will never pay another utility bill as long as we live here."


“Having worked in the space for years we find that it meets the needs of our staff and patients gracefully, thoughtfully, and healthfully."


“You protected the apple tree and grove of shad, pagoda dogwood, elderberry and ash behind it — a bird grove that would take me decades to grow from scratch. I’m grateful that you preserved it. The apple is thriving, even with all that action not far from it. It was sitting there that we realized where the house should be and I’ll always see the tree as part of the spirit of the site. Now that it’s April and the songbirds are returning, we hear them in that back grove, from our bedroom window.”

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