Building and sundial

Since 1998, this non-profit headquarters has used half as much energy as "typical" new Maine commercial buildings.


This library is at least twice as energy efficient as "typical" new institutional buildings in our region.


“My favorite architects — I think of you every time I don't have to light the wood stove."

Do you want a building that works as well as it looks? Beauty matters. So does performance. If a building is uncomfortable, if it leaks, falls apart, or wastes energy — let's face it, it's ugly. If it doesn’t support how you live, if you can’t furnish rooms, if it wastes space, if it can't adapt to change — something went wrong. Buildings affect health, well-being, and finances. Buildings affect the planet. Buildings should sustain people through comfort, beauty, efficiency, and value. That helps sustain the planet. That’s good performance.

Good design solves problems. We design for performance. We use building science, number-crunching, evidence, ongoing education, collaboration, and experience. We focus on proven approaches to performance. We often work with skilled colleagues to scrutinize and improve designs. Our number-one goal is to deliver comfort, satisfaction, and value for years to come. Our clients appreciate how their buildings look — and perform. Buildings that work.

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“Before: the house was cold in winter, too hot in summer. After: more comfortable all year (we can walk in bare feet on bare floors even when it’s zero degrees outside) and we’re comfortable in summer with modest air conditioning. The house is quieter, more comfortable, has less dust, has more room inside without boiler, radiators, and pipes, and there’s no mildew in the basement from humidity.


“We had an energy audit done… the best building he had seen previously had a ‘space heating fuel oil’ number of 0.18 — and ours is 0.12, the best that he has seen so far… congratulations on the fine job you did designing our attractive, functional, and energy-efficient library.”


“David and Sarah listened to our desire to have as low-maintenance a home as possible. The windows and bleached cedar have minimized costly painting or staining."

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