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“In excellent hands.”

Do you want real value?We have a simple way to do business. Webegin any proposal to a potential client by asking:

If we work on this project, will our client be better off? Will his or her life improve because of what we do?

If we work on this project, will the world be better off? Will it be a little more comfortable, beautiful, and sustainable?

Will this be a fair exchange? Will we give our client value well beyond our fee, and will the fee allow us to do our very best work?

We work on proposals until we can answer “Yes” to these questions. If not, then we know we're not right for the project. That’s it. Provide more in cost savings and value than what we charge. Add net positive to the world. Be paid enough to do the best possible work.

Do you expect any less?

Many architects set fees as a percent of construction costs. We don’t. Your construction budget doesn’t define the services you need. It doesn’t reflect the effort needed to achieve comfort, beauty, performance, and value. For example, it takes real time and work to lower construction costsand still ensure quality.

We offer a free first consultation with prospective clients. We listen carefully to understand the goals, needs, and challenges of their project. Then we estimate how long we’ll devote to each phase of the project. We multiply by an hourly rate and add up the charges for each phase. The total becomes a “not-to-exceed” fee cap. Then we charge for the actual time we work, or the fee cap, whichever is less.

We pass along some costs such as document reproduction and postage. We don’t charge travel time or mileage — for trips more than 40 miles from our office we charge a fixed stipend based on distance.

Though we don’t charge the way many other architects do, we’re darned competitive with them.

We’re also happy to consult by the hour to help improve a design, develop a pragmatic way to build something, estimate a building’s energy use, or other needs. If we can help, we will. If we don’t have the expertise you need, we’ll try to recommend someone who does.

We welcome the chance to prove our worth to you.

"David and Sarah's involvement in the actual construction process was critically important to us. We did not want to work with an architect who would hand over a roll of finished plans and then walk away. Although we felt good about our builder, there were challenges that came up all throughout the site and foundation and framing of the house that we could not have resolved without David and Sarah's direct involvement with him, including the fact that they have a solid, long-term collaboration."


"We constantly appreciate the inherent positive qualities of the housequalities that we owe largely to David and Sarah… so as we leave the process behind, we wish the best to anyone about to begin it, and know that they would be in excellent hands with Holland and Foley."

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