Simple, welcoming entry

Cozy nook with views


"We just feel so comfortable in our house and it works so well.”

Do you want a comfortable building?Buildings are shelter — shouldn’t they be comfortable?

What is comfort for you? Perhaps it’s a welcoming entry, cozy nook, delightful kitchen, or hearth to warm your feet by. It'swarm in winter, cool in summer. It's healthy and light-filled. It’s good acoustics and delightful views. It’s spaces that support the ways you live, work, and play.A comfortable building is efficient, healthy, durable, and valuable.Comfortable buildings take skill, experience, and hard work.

Simple human comfort. We start there then work to find a design that fits you well. Fit to your daily patterns, site, and budget. A place that helps you thrive.Designs that fit.

“The way the sun penetrates to the farthest north corner of the first floor in the dead of winter is wonderful. We’re constantly aware of the light and move through the house to its rhythm and patterns.”


“Even when it’s cold outside the house stays comfortable, unlike before — there aren’t big drafts from leaks and cold air falling down the windows and onto the floors.


“What we both love most about the second floor is the sense of being tucked up under the roof. This is a dramatic contrast with the tall and broad spaces of the first floor. Where those are open and expansive, the second floor feels cozy and private.”

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