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"You worked with me – in partnership."

Do you want yourprojectto be a positive experience?Good results aren’t an accident. They come from effective communication and teamwork. Conventional buildings use conventional thinking. High-performance buildings use innovative thinking. We’ve learned that good buildings are created in a spirit of discovery: owners, designers and builders collaborating to find the best solutions.

Teamwork delivers.Collaboration improves results and has requirements. Team members need to consider problems carefully before plunging ahead. They need to stay open to new ideas, not force-fit old assumptions onto new challenges. They need to let clear and timely feedback guide their thinking.

For years we've honed a cooperative, interactive, and unfolding design process.It encourages teamwork, letting crucial decisions benefit from pooled knowledge. It uses communication and feedback to improve performance, cost-effectiveness, and value. And — it's way more fun than conventional practice! We offer experience, skills and creativity―but the most important thing we offer is our process. Partnership and Process.

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“You two win the prize for knowing how to work with a client. You were always extremely respectful of my ideas, but—at the same time—didn’t hesitate to speak up when you thought a change made sense. When you suggested design changes you always explained the options and your reasoning very clearly, and never pushed inappropriately. You were always very cognizant of my budget. In short, you worked with me—in partnership. And the result was a far better house than could have resulted without your valuable input and expertise.”


"The design process was a great exercise in self-reflection―what one values in the spaces around them."


"Thank you for your patience over the long haul. And beyond that, your professionalism, your integrity, your wisdom and your heart. We are most grateful.


"Thanks for a great project! Your attention to detail and high standards are responsible for the outstanding performance of the house and for its great look. We are thrilled with it, inside and out."

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